Ayurvedic Dictionary

Ayurvedic Dictionary

AF0001 आभुग्नं ābhugnaṁ Slight bending
SR0001 आभ्यन्तर कण्डरा: ābhyantara kaṇḍaraḥ Deep tendons - flexor tendons of the hand.
BP0001 आचार ācāra a customary conduct which is to be followed in accordance with various prescribed rules in various contexts.
AF0002 आचार विभ्रमं ācāra vibhramaṁ Improper manner and conduct
SV0002 आचमन ācamana Sipping of water - Itĺs a part of daily regimen to maintain personel hygiene, in which clean water is held in the palm of the hand with the thumb closely bent towards the center and water is sipped. Its usually done after cleaning hand and feet, after the act of excretion, before and after food, after chariot ride,etc.
BP0002 आदान ādāna Period of time when moisture, unctuousness and strength of the body gets depleted and absorbed by environment by virtue of climate; includes 6 months of winter, spring and summer seasons.
BK0001 आदाय ādāya collection of drugs
AT0001 आदंश ādaṁťa area near a bite or sting.
AF0003 आदंशशोफः ādaṁťaťophaḥ Swelling around the stie of bite
SR0002 आधार ādhārāḥ base - Some particular organs, or group of organs which are container of some biological matter
BK0002 आढक ādhaka A unit of Measurement; -Four prastha are equal to one adhak= 3.073 kg of metric units - used for both solids & liquids
BP0003 आधिभौतिकः (तापः) ādhibhautikaḥ (tāpaḥ) One of the three kinds of miseries, which is caused by various sorts of living creatures.
BP0004 आधिदैविकः (तापः) ādhidaivikaḥ (tāpaḥ) One of the three kinds of miseries, that which is caused by rain, sun and other such natural inanimate cause and agencies
AF0004 आध्मानम् ādhamānaṁ Distention of abdomen due to gas.
AF0005 आध्मातग्रीवम् ādhmātagrīvaṁ Feeling of fullness in neck.
AF0006 आध्मातकन्धरा ādhamātakaṅdharā Feeling of fullness in neck.
AF0007 आध्मातम् इव ādhmātaṁ iva Feeling of fullness
BP0005 आध्यात्म ādhyātma the psycho-spiritual
BP0006 आध्यात्मिक (तापः) ādhyātmikaḥ (tāpaḥ) One of the three kinds of miseries, being that which is intrinsic and consist of mental and spiritual ailings.
AF0008 आदीप्तगुणदर्शनम् ādīptaguṇadarsanaṁ Looks of sunlike objects
AF0009 आदीप्तरूपदर्शनम् ādīptarūpadarťanaṁ Looks of glowing things
DG0001 आद्यपुष्प ādyapuṣpa A Group of flowers containing one part each of Chandan (Santalum album) and Vari/sugandhabala (Juniperus communis) and three parts of Kumkum(Crocus sativus).
AF0010 आगारधूमाभम् āgāradhῡmābhaṁ Smoky colour
AF0011 आगारसन्निभम् āgārasannibhaṁ Smoky colour
BP0007 आगम āgama time tested expert opinions in concerned classical texts or authoritative testimony
AT0002 आगन्तु: व्रण: āgaṅtuḥ vraṇaḥ traumatic wound
BP0008 आगन्तुजरोग āgaṅtujaroga Exogenous diseases caused by trauma, infections and other external factors
SK0001 आगन्तुकी āgantukī Adventitious, Accidental, Incidental
BP0009 आग्नेय āgnēya Predominance of the fire-element : Fiery
SV0003 आहार āhāra Any substance which is masticated and swallowed for the purpose of nutrition and energy, it includes all eatables, biteable, drinkable and lickables.
SV0004 आहार मात्रा āhāra mātra Optimal digestible quantity of food consumed by an healthy individual. This can not be generalised. It always differs from person to person and time to time, it directly depends on the digestive capacity and psychological status.
SV0005 आहार परिणामकर भाव āhāra pariṇāmakara bhāva These are Factors leading to transformation of food from solid complex food to small digestable and absorbable form, which include various actions starting from mastication, swallowing,enzymatic action to absorption of nutrients and water from the colon. They include all the actions from oral cavity to the colon. Usma (Heat) digests , Vayu absorbs, Kleda (moisture) loosens, Sneha (unctuousness) softens, Kāla (time) brings sufficiency & balanced use of all these brings about the equilibrium of Dhātu's which are products of digestion.
BK0003 आहाररसपाक āhāra rasa pāka It is a stage indicating the completion of digestion process after which drugs should be administered
SV0006 आहार संपत् āhāra saṁpat Excellence of diet- it indicates that food with all required nutrition in a adequate quantity helps in preservation and promotion of health, gives strength, vitality,endurance and improves immunity.
SV0007 आहार शक्ति āhāra ťakti Power of assimilation-this is examined by the power of ingestion as well as digestion, strength & life depends upon diet.
DG0002 आहार योगी āhāra yogi an attribute of lavana rasa; substances used with the diet;
DG0003 आहारयोगी वर्ग āhāra yogi varga group of food adjuvants to be used for the preparation of diet or taken along with the principal diet like different oils and spices;
AF0012 आहारनाश āhāranāťa Intake of less quantity of food
SK0002 आहारविधिविशेषायतन āhāravidhiviťeṣāyatana Basic factors to be considered while preparing and consuming diet. The eight such factors are: Prakrti (nature), Karana (processing), Samyoga (combination), Raťi (amount), Deťa (region), Kaala (time and season), Upayoga Samsthaa (rules for consumption) and Upayoktaa (consumer).
BK0004 आहतात् āhatāt Plant materials not infested with insects,cold,hot climate etc
AF0013 आकांक्षा ākāṅkṣā Desire
SK0003 आकाश ākāťa 1. A free or open space, the subtle and ethereal fluid (supposed to fill and pervade the universe and to be the peculiar vehicle of life and of sound). 2. One of the five basic elements (Paṅcamahābhūtas) that make up all matter in the universe.
DG0004 आकाशीय द्रव्य ākāťīya dravya substances having akaťa as the the predominant mahabhuta;
AF0014 आक्रोशनम् ākroťanaṁ Wailing
BK0005 आकृष्ट ākṛṣṭa collection / procurement of raw materials
RS0001 आकृष्य ākṛṣya A process of extraction through which specified component may be extracted
AF0015 आक्षेप ākṣepa Convulsion, Harassing.
AF0016 आकुलता ākulatā Perplexity or confusion
BP0010 आकुंचनम् ākuñcanaṁ Contraction : a shortening or tensing of a part or organ
AF0017 आकूजनम् ākῡjanaṁ Cooing (voice resembles the sound of pigeon), Lament










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