The NIA Hospital Block consist of a 300 bedded Hospital with OPD and IPD Facilities, Panchakarma Unit, Central Laboratory, Primary Emergency Care Unit, Deluxe Wards, Cottage Wards, Cubical Wards, General Wards, Operation Theatres, Consultation Rooms, X-ray Room, ECG Room, Sonography Room, Physio Therapy Facility, etc.

The main objective of the Hospitals is to provide medical care through Ayurvedic System of Medicine to the suffering humanity and the Institute is doing excellent activities in the field of Patient Care Activities through its OPD, IPD, Panchakarma Therapies, Primary Emergency Care Unit, Central Laboratory, many Specialty Clinics and facilities like Pathological Tests, Bio-chemical Tests, X-ray, ECG, CTMT, Ultra Sound, Spirometery, Dental, Auditometer, Geriatric Unit, Dietary Unit, Orthopedic Unit, Child Mental Health Unit, Shivtra Roga & Tvaka Roga Clinic, Treatment of Anorectal, Jalokavacharan, Agnikarma, Pregnancy Test, Vaccination Unit, etc. Special treatment facilities are available for various eye diseases and disorders, other ENT related disorders. There is an Ambulance available in the hospital to take care of patients in emergency situation.

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OPD Arogyashala is providing healthcare facilities to the patients through its dedicated team of experts. Patients from every corner of the India visit to consult Ayurvedic experts of various disciplines.

In order to cater excellence in therapeutics as well as teaching and research, the OPD is spread in 25 rooms.

A. Various Department offering Clinical Services:

S.No. Departments Allotted room Allotted Days Special Units
1 KAYACHIKITSA 1,7,21 &22 whole week
R.No.21- three days
Rasayan and Jara Pratisedh (Geriatric Care)
2 PANCHAKARMA 2,21 whole week
R.No.21- three days
Asthi-sandhi and Mamsapeshi (Musculoskeletal Disorders)
3 SHALYA TANTRA 4,28,29,32 whole week Guda, Asthi, Jalauka, agnikarima (Anorectal , arthopedic and Other para surgical)
4 SHALAKYA 9,10,11,12&13 whole week NIA-Shreedharium (Special Eye Care Centre) , ENT
5 PRASUTI TANTRA AND STREE ROGA 26& 27 whole week Obstetrics and Gynecological care
6 BALROGA/KAUMARBHRITYA 5 &6 whole week Child Health Care, Immunization, Child mental health, Pediatric Panchakarma consultation
7 SWASTHAVRITA 18 three days General Consultation including Swasthya rakshana (preventive )
8 MAULIK SIDHANT 17 whole week General Consultation including Swasthya rakshana (preventive )
9 RASA SHASTRA 18 four days General Consultation including Swasthya rakshana (preventive )
10 DRAVYAGUNA 25 four days General Consultation including Swasthya rakshana (preventive )
11 ROGA VIKRITI 19 whole week General Consultation including Swasthya rakshana (preventive )
12 AGAD TANTRA 25 three days General Consultation including Swasthya rakshana (preventive )
13 SHARIR KRIYA 3 four days General Consultation including Swasthya rakshana (preventive ), switra, Twak roga
14 SHARIR RACHNA 3 three days General Consultation including Swasthya rakshana (preventive ) 

B. Facilities available:

S.No. Medical facilities and other units Department Allotted room (No.) Allotted days per week
1 Hospital Superintendent’s chamber Director, NIA, Jaipur 22 four days
2 Deputy Medical Superintendent’s chamber DMS Office 34 whole week (except Sunday)
3 OPD incharge’s chamber OPD 20 whole week
4 Patient’s registration & office OPD Reception counter whole week
5 Medicine distribution(Free) OPD 08 whole week
6 Rasayan and Jara Pratisedha (Geriatric Care) Kayachikitsa 22 three days
7 Samanya Kayachiktsa (General Medicine) Kayachikitsa 01 whole week
8 Asthi, sandhi and mamsapeshi (Musculoskeletal Disorders) Kayachikitsa & Panchakarma 21 whole week
9 Samanya Panchakarma (Consultation) Panchakarma 02 whole week
10 X-Ray room Shalya tantra 33 whole week
11 Guda chikitsa (Anorectal treatment) Shalya tantra 28 &29 whole week
12 Asthi & Sandhi (Ortopedics) Shalya tantra 32 whole week
13 Jalukaavacharan (Special Parasurgical treatment) Shalya tantra 32 whole week
14 Agnikarma (Special Parasurgical treatment) Shalya tantra 32 whole week
15 Samanya Shalya, Shalakya (General Surgery, ENT) Shalya-Shalakya department 04 & 12 whole week
16 Danta Chikitsa (Dental) Shalakya 10 whole week
17 Karna Chikitsa (Ear) Shalakya 13 whole week
18 Netra jaanch (Ophthalmological examination) NIA-Shreedhariyam unit 09 whole week
19 netropchar NIA-Shreedhariyam unit 14 & 15 whole week
20 Garbhini Parikshan (Antenatal care) Prasutitantra & Stree roga department 26 & 27 two days
21 Bandhyatva (Infertility) Prasutitantra & Stree roga department 26 & 27 two days
22 Anartava (Amenorrhoea) Prasutitantra & Stree roga department 26 & 27 two days
23 Immunization Balroga/Kaumarbhritya 05 two days (Tuesday,Thursday)
24 General Pediatrics and Child mental health care unit Balroga/Kaumarbhritya 06 whole week
25 Switra and twak roga sharir kriya 03 two day

Registration and Consultation procedure

Computerized Registration of patients is being done at counter no. 01 - 04 and manual registration of medicine distribution is being done at counter no.16.

General patients are charged Rs 5/- for registration. No registration fee is charged from Senior citizens, Freedom fighters, BPL card holders, staff and students of National Institute of Ayurveda.

After getting registered the patient is free to consult any expert.


IPD Admission procedure

Patient on the recommendation of the consultant approaches the IPD reception/ Registration Counter and after some basic formalities the patient is shifted to the admitted ward on allocated Bed number.

All the available Laboratory investigations and Panchakarma procedures are free of charge to all the admitted patients.

Registration Charges

  1. For general patients- Rs 10/-
  2. Free of Charge category-, senior citizens, freedom fighters, NIA workers, students have free IPD registration. Cottage ward and deluxe ward are given diet no 1 to 5 free of cost but Diet No. 6 is not allowed to Cottage and Deluxe ward.

Department wise beds allocation

S. No. Name of Department Male Female Child Total Beds
1 Kayachikitsa (General Medicine) 24 16 - 40
2 Panchkarma 40 20 - 60
3 Shalya(Surgery) 20 10 - 30
4 Shalakya-Eye &ENT 20 10 - 30
5 Prasuti&Striroga (Obstetrics and Gyanaecology) - 30 - 30
6 Bal Rog (Paedetrics) - - 30 30
7 Swasthvratta (Hygiene) 06 01 - 07
8 Mouliksidhant (Basic Principles) 06 01 - 07
9 Ras Shastra(-Pharmaceutric) 06 01 - 07
10 Dravyaguna(Pharmacology) 06 01 - 07
11 Rog vigyan(Pathology) 06 01 - 07
12 AgadTantra(Toxicology) 06 01 - 07
13 Shareer Rachana (Anatomy) 06 01 - 07
14 Shareer Kriya(Physiology) 06 01 - 07
  Total at present 152 94 30 276

Free of Charge Beds- 280

Paid Beds- 05 cottage ward (beds)& 02 deluxe wards (beds) & 04 Cubical wards(beds) are available. Patients are charged 300/- per day for cottage, 500/- for deluxe ward and 300/- (with A/c) & 150/- (without A/c) for Cubical wards.

Total Beds : 291

Pathya (Diet)

Patients admitted in the hospital are served the diet free of cost as prescribed by the consultant and under pathya system of the hospital.

Primary Emergency Care Unite

Primary Emergency Care Unit (PECU) is working round the clock for indoor patients. .Ayurvedic medicines are prescribed by the Ayurvedic and allopathic medicine advised and supervised by modern consultant.

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  2. Patient in OUT-Patient Department 2019
  3. Patient in IN-Patient Department 2018-2019

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